Our task is to keep hearts beating and we focus our work on our groundbreaking research.  They are the UK’s number one heart charity and through 50 years of funding cutting edge research we have already made a big difference to people’s lives but the landscape of heart disease is changing.  More people survive a heart attack or cardiac arrest than ever before, and that means more people are now living with heart disease and need our help.  To donate or to find out information on how to volunteer call 0300 3303322

British Heart Foundation:

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North East’s Premium Bottled Spring Water
Marlish Spring Water is drawn from deep in the heart of the Northumbrian hills.
The water originally fell as rain and has taken hundreds of years to reach the aquifer which is deep underground beneath prehistoric carboniferous rock.

The unique rock and mineral strata in this part of Northumberland gives Marlish it’s unique and refreshing taste.

We’re very proud of our water and take great care to protect our catchment area and the local environment so that each bottle tastes as nature intended.

As a local independent producer, we’re equally passionate about becoming Northumberland’s leading and most loved bottled water brand.

Marlish Water:


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At HEART FM we love to support events across the North East. Keeping you informed of all the best events happening across our great region is one of our promises to you.

As events across the North East go, The Stampede stands out as one of the very best. That’s why Heart North East is really pleased to be a partner, and why we’re looking forward to supporting all you amazing people planning on taking part.

If you haven’t already signed up then what are you waiting for? We’ll hopefully see you there on the big day for what promises to be a physical and emotional rollercoaster of an experience to remember.